A place for people to gather and share their dislikes of this crazy awesome town.


133 Responses to “Not everything can be perfect”

  1. 1 zumpie 05/16 at 7:42 pm

    Wow Jim, are you sure you’ve lived anywhere other than PDX? Because your post is A) suspiciously typical wingnutery and B) painfully ill informed.

    San Diego is 24% more expensive than Portland, with housing a whopping 62% higher. As for “high” taxes, yes in California (and thus San Diego), 4rh highest in the country.

    For us, not so much. While we do have a high income tax, our property taxes are lowish and, of course, no sales tax. So overall, our liability is 40th of 50 states (overall low).

    Next time try to actually do research about your fantasy locale, mmmmkay?

    • 2 zumpie 05/16 at 7:45 pm

      Oh also, Jim—we’re actually the cheapest major coastal city (after Philly) in the country. Far from perfect, but expensive isn’t one of our problems

  2. 3 Sean 03/28 at 12:14 am

    I went back to San Fran a couple weeks ago and the traffic was so refreshing. I had forgotten. There are so many more cars than in Portland, but somehow it just flows. People in Cali know how to use the space and take the lanes. The zipper works! In Portland people seem to actively impede traffic flow, maybe because they don’t want to be passed or left behind? The zipper is non-existent, people want to queue up ridiculously and it just doesn’t work once you have a certain traffic volume. I would take bay bridge rush hour over HWY26 tunnel commute any day.

  3. 4 Cedric 03/13 at 2:40 pm

    First of all why does everyone here pronounce my me seedrick instead of Cedric? Second, I’m from Florida and this constant dark gloominess is crazy! And how does a major city not have a hip hop & R/B station? Finally, why when I’m walking close to the street does every single car freak out and stop? Like I’m gonna just run out in the road! I really am having a hard time adjusting to this white passive aggressive culture here. Smh

    • 5 Morgan 03/16 at 8:01 pm

      What a coincidence Cedric (I’d pronounce your name correctly). I’m ready to leave here and move to Florida! I really like the sun and southern people don’t bother me at all like many of our stuck up Portland neighbors.

  4. 6 Morgan 02/26 at 11:55 am

    I spent most of my life in Southern Oregon. While it had far superior outdoor recreation than Portland, I wanted to move to Portland because I wanted to be around like minded, considerate and tolerant people. I’ve been here three years now and have had a very rude awakening. The people here aren’t tolerant at all. They’re terribly judgmental. They look down their noses at others and act like they’re tolerant because they only use politically correct terms. I’ve discovered that the small town rednecks are way more accepting and are not afraid to speak their mind about a different opinion. Being liberal shouldn’t mean being narrow minded and hating anyone conservative.
    You can’t hike or be in the outdoors here without running into others every two minutes. The rivers are cold, crowded and dirty. The trails are filled with wimpy yuppies who are out of shape but think they’re experiences trekkers because they wear the ugliest hiking Spandex gear and use fabricated walking sticks. I catch myself wanting to push these fake wimps off the cliff when I walk by them.
    The weather is awful and seasonal affective disorder is a household term around here.
    People here can’t drive and nobody realizes that the left lane is the fast lane and made for passing. You always get stuck behind some fake granola cruncher in a Prius or Subaru wagon going the same pace as the semi truck in the right lane next to them. These fake hippies would shit themselves if they were to experience nature without a guide and the latest equipment. Their idea of camping is renting a cabin with electricity, cable and internet.
    Crime here isn’t too bad but kids from all walks of life are getting heroin. It’s an epidemic here. Prostitution is rampant here because of the heroin and meth problems and because there aren’t very many jobs and the ones available don’t pay worth a shit while to cost of living is ridiculous. People here are elitists and if you have an associates degree they will tell you that you’re not really college educated. They also act as if you’ve clubbed a baby seal if you don’t bring a reusable bag when buying groceries.

    • 7 Cedric 03/13 at 2:42 pm

      Lmao!!!! 100% correct

    • 8 Tommy 03/15 at 1:52 am

      Not elitist, pretentious. There’s a difference – one wants to better himself and values things of quality, the other thinks he’s already there and is blind to the world around him. If Portlanders were elitist, we’d have things like clean rivers, a real concert hall, a decent symphony orchestra, and quality roads. Instead we have plastic bag bans, a corrupt mayor who just *happens* to be gay, studded snow tires on 4wd cars (when it never snows) and middle class bums pooping on the sidewalk to “make a point” about all the evil people with money.

    • 9 Jim 05/16 at 7:24 pm

      I have lived here most of my life, and I couldn’t agree more!!! Yes, it is a great place to ride a bike too, for maybe two months out of the year! The other city I lived in was San Diego, and I now miss it more than ever!! If I’m going to pay this high cost of living and taxes, I would rather live in a city worth the money. And yes, I am a native to this area, sorry Portland, but you’re just traveling in the wrong direction!!!!

  5. 10 Laura 02/24 at 8:31 pm

    I have lived other places and every where else I lived I felt happier I just come back to Portland because my family has a house and my daughter loves it and when the rent gets to high out of state where do I end up back here, what do I dislike about Portland I hated it at three years old, my first sentance was I want to go outside no words just the sentense because I knew I wanted to leave Portand so bad the energy here is a nervous bad vibe that is asaultive and the people are so phoney with there polite one word gestures of friendships people don’t understand diversity, the only thing people do is watch a movie at home or go to Fred Meyers its a death trap here an emotional trap everyone smokes weed here just to bare living here or they would kill themselves and the suicide rate here is so high because its so depressing the sky the air the elevation its a valley so low you know this whole town was buried under water once because the cosmos knows it gave us a sign flood the place yet people live here with fake smiles or just real fears about truely being alive its a place of death where spirits live a more exicting life than people. Yah some night clubs can be fun but then you go home to your drafty house and feel like you cant lift yourself up out of bed the house is always so cold just like the people I have served my time 40 years of torture. Get me out of here me my cat and I guess my daughter will have to fend for herself she is trapped here cause of friends who she loves she admits she is very depressed here what a change when we came back Portland has ruined my life once again. It is not a liveable state. Once as a child we moved to Tacoma Washington it was fine its just Portland is drives me crazy I just want out of here this moment every second how can I break free! This is an emergency!

  6. 11 Alexis Shapiro 01/31 at 4:11 pm

    Maybe it’s coincidence but the two people I’ve met who grew up and lived in Portland most of their lives are virulent anti-Semites. I thought it was supposed to be a progressive place but these natives tell me they never met a Jew in their sixty plus years of living in Portland and on the planet earth. I guess there’s no Jews north of San Fran??? The jokes on one of them tho- her son moved out of town and married a New York Jew and made his mother come to temple for the wedding. Seems at least someone in the lily white Northwest isn’t in the Klan. Can’t wait til the couple have grandkids.Wonder how an anti Semite will like going to a bris?

  7. 12 Carol Lux 01/30 at 1:11 pm

    I’m from the Portland area and miss it dearly. I think all of you have missed the whole point of the city and are too focused on clicks and cliches. Go out in the mountains with a few old school Portland hippies and get some fresh perspective about life. People are rude everywhere. There are nice people everywhere. If you don’t like what you see around you, get off your butt, and do something to make your little space in the city better. That’s what I like about Portland… forward minded free thinkers. If you can’t find any you might wanna start by looking in the mirror.

    • 13 virginia 02/24 at 11:12 pm

      people are not rude everywhere. try texas, very friendly people everywhere I went there. nothing like portland where you could live here all your life and bearly have a friend. I lived in Brooklyn for 8 months and have better friends by far there, 4 great friends, I visit when I can. I had to return due to my house being here. My dream is to return to a great place. New York City.

    • 14 Cedric 03/13 at 2:46 pm

      You don’t understand how bad this place is because your from here. I’ll take southern hospitality any day over this passive aggressive place

  8. 15 Susan hembling 01/18 at 8:49 pm

    You guys should go to Bentley’s brew they will make you sick. There in Oak grove.

  9. 16 Dingus 12/09 at 3:24 pm

    From reading through the replies: I must be either a fundamentalist christian or a conservative to hate Portland.

    Well I’m a libertarian and I love the is damn city! Fuck y’all!

    • 17 Jeezlaweez 01/03 at 3:58 am

      Libertarian’s are liberals who suck. Come back over to the liberal team, I know it may seem boring and you really like being a contrarian but its just hurting all us real liberals.

    • 18 virginia 02/24 at 11:14 pm

      I am not a fundamentalist christian or conservative to think Portlland is a boring city. Maybe you haven’t traveled much.

  10. 19 didnotlikeit 08/30 at 11:04 am

    You are forced to feel under the weather here. And you will feel that way. Some kind of curse perhaps.

  11. 20 Mark 08/22 at 1:00 am

    Well…. I think it’s a cool town.

  12. 21 johnd 07/27 at 4:47 pm

    I’ve been to every state west of the Mississippi, and much of the east. Lived in a dozen places. Just visited Portland for two days — I hate it! While Oregon is a pretty beautiful place, the traffic here is the worst I’ve been in — and I’ve been in some nasty Bay Area (California) traffic! There are nasty looking bums everywhere, more out-of-work and not looking to do anything people, loads of panhandlers, and really slow drivers… WTH is the deal with traffic that is stopped in all directions on the freeways here? You can keep this POS place to your little liberal freethinking minds all you want!

  13. 22 cornelius 07/27 at 3:17 am

    Thank god for jesus christ b/c this world sucks – and it’s just gonna get worse! Portland sucks b/c there’s so much fear here, but at least ppl don’t bother you for the most part. i’m moving to asia b/c fema has death camps for ppl who don’t accept the mark of the beast, the r.f.i.d. chip. But if we take the mark, we don’t have eternal life. So it’s better not to take it i think. But yeah portland sucks, but so does the rest of the world! So until jesus returns, we might as well get used to it.

  14. 23 mybobby 07/07 at 1:52 pm

    I hate to say this but low-IQ is a wide-spread thing here in P-town. I’m not exaggerating. Hipster, Young Professionals, Soccer Moms, dikes and gays, it doesn’t matter. They all get their facts from Motherjones, the Nation, NPR, Rachel Madcow..etc and they all think Socialism is good for the planet and Obummer can’t do wrong. They think the Meek should inherit everything. I’m worried. The future of this town is looking bleak.

    • 24 zumpie 07/07 at 2:12 pm

      Wow, a wing nut who thinks that anyone who’s a progressive is stupid. How delightfully original, not to mention well reasoned. I’m sure the inconvenient fact that most red states are populated by less educated, poorer people or that Faux News’s information is routinely disproven by facts would do nothing to otherwise dissaude you.

      I hear Boise just enchanting (if you like hot) this time of year, perhaps you’d be less worried about its future and might like to move there????

    • 25 Ryan Thompson (@RyanTee82) 02/27 at 2:12 am

      Maybe you should move to Iran. 🙂

  15. 26 Barf 06/26 at 3:51 pm

    Future of U.S.A if OBUMMER is re-elected? Look at Portland’s state subsidized bumfuck culture

  16. 27 Barf 06/26 at 3:45 pm

    Looks like everybody who is too much of a mutant weirdo from North California wound up here. GAG!

    • 28 Ryan Thompson (@RyanTee82) 02/27 at 2:13 am

      Move to Iran, thanks, bye

    • 29 Marc 03/24 at 1:47 pm

      You must be kidding. I wish there was more N. Cal folks here–they are much more open, friendly, inclusive than the people I have met from Oregon (and Portland). I have never met such an incurious, cold bunch of folks. No, I did not move here and take a job away from another Oregonian. You can take your bigoted (and Christian evangelical) attitudes and keep them. I can’t wait to leave.

  17. 30 Rudi 06/09 at 4:50 pm

    Alacrity is a foreign concept here.

  18. 31 portlandinbredretardapparently 05/22 at 11:02 pm

    what the fuck are any of you people doing here?

  19. 33 Laudie0 05/20 at 2:40 pm

    I have been lucky to live in several states, this by far has the most rude and crazy bunch of people I have ever worked with. Everything is a crisis, everyone is stupid and on the verge of being fired every week. Seriously, what would half of these people do if we had an emergency in Portland. Just picture it!! Seriously people, chill out.

  20. 34 NormalPortland Transplant 04/19 at 7:42 pm

    Love this site. I’ve lived here for five years and I think this city gets worse with every year. It doesn’t help that I’ve now been to every version of the mellow quirky laid back boring Portland bar now. I thought Portland was a little oasis being from Detroit. But, the people here suck so much I would rather be back in Detroit. At least we know how to have fun and have good music. And sports teams and people with personalities.

    I like the unable to walk on the sidewalk discussion. It is probably closely related to my personal hatred of how Portlanders board a plane. Are you in line? Are you up next? Are you just mulling around in an ignorant mob wondering what is going on? It never fails and you can be in any city anywhere in the country boarding a plain to Portland and it is the same mindless, mulling mob.

    • 35 Jeezlaweez 01/03 at 3:55 am

      this must be the stupidest post / comment I have ever read. How can you still mistake plane with plain? Please enlighten me about what good music is… Personality? You want personality? Well buddy, you need one.

  21. 36 cat 04/18 at 10:55 pm

    damn, i had no idea people though SF was rude. the first time i went, i was shocked at how overtly and genuinely nice people were there. i had no clue what i was doing or where i was driving in my obviously rent-a-car, which should have put a massive target on me. instead of being treated like a clueless out of towner, people were eager to help me get around town, invite me places that had things to do, tell me where all the good food spots were, invite me to come hang out with their friends at the bar (both male and female, gay and straight, so i know a lot of it was not just pickup ploys)…and it was all truly laid back. i figured being tshirt weather in late winter had something to do with the general happiness of the city, lol.

    you want rude? go to seattle. people there think their shit doesn’t stink, like they’re some kind of grittier, realer, more original west coast version of new york. it is difficult to find people and areas where people are being genuinely nice. i can’t even count how much attitude radiates from seemingly all corners of that city, how quickly random strangers are to snipe off a sideswiping comment to you for absolutely no reason. neutoric city.

    portlanders don’t strike me as particularly rude so much as they are…on their own planet. uncouth is a good word for it haha.

    anyone saying the food is garbage here either doesn’t know what they are talking about, or has made no effort to find it. which, considering you can just walk into most random places and get good food, implies that you indeed just don’t know what you’re talking about. sorry, but if you can’t find good food here that betrays a dumbfounding cluelessness. i realize pdx is no nyc *rolls eyes* but there’s a reason this city is regarded as the next culinary mecca.

    yeah, the foodie attitude can be awfully stinky here. and the food carts are hit and miss (i thought it was weird that one of the examples of the only good food cart in town is on 50th in se, when the one time i went to that truck was the nastiest inedible shit i have ever eaten from a food cart, anywhere) so they can be given a lot of credit where it’s not really due; i think people are simply excited about the concept and how many more options it opens up. i seriously recommend hitting up the grilled cheese grill in laurelhurst, it might just change your mind. awesome sammiches. the pod on belmont (& se 45th i believe?) has consistently good food as well, and i’ve liked every cart i’ve tried on se hawthorne and 9th-10thish.

    • 37 zumpie 04/19 at 6:26 am

      cat–I’ve lived here for 14 years AND previously worked in hospitality—so it’s neither “lack of effort” or cluelessness. I probably know significantly more about food than you do, sorry. There isn’t “good food if you look for it” here—with a very few exceptions, it’s spin. Much like our status as a “destination city” even though there really isn’t all that much to do.

      BTW, we’ve been “the next culinary mecca” for at least 20 years—it’s always been “on the brink” because we aren’t all that. At all. Honestly, while the restaurants are more expensive and the people less friendly, Seattle’s much better in that department.

      I can make my own gourmet grilled cheese, thank you.

  22. 38 rob 04/17 at 2:09 pm

    stinking hard-luck swamp. always has been. always will be.

  23. 39 Dick Fitz 04/12 at 10:28 pm

    Born in NYC and just moved to Portland. I just can’t believe this place has hiptards. Why, dude? I left Brooklyn thinking that’s where they all moved to. I get it, they’re all different just like everyone else. You got a sweet tattoo and some tight pants, congratulations – mommy’s proud. What probably bothers me is their flagrant apathy and absolute disregard for common sense. I have close friends who play the part, with their nut squeezing jeans and ridiculous tattoos of trees and turtles and I always say to them, “let it go… be free my child.” I’m no Armani, but a completely recycled style is trash – be original, dress up in styrofoam or something.

    People drive here like they’re blindfolded. Why do they have to tailgate? If you’re gonna pass me, pass me, don’t f’ing hover next to me. If I’m letting you go, don’t tell me to go instead, just go. If you’re at a stop sign and there’s traffic at the intersection, B-E Agressive. And I saw a dude drive the wrong way on a freakin highway? I see most of this everyday.

    Anyway… I’m not bitter. I came to Oregon for the Cascades, camping and the surf. Compared to Fallujah, Portland isn’t that bad, but maybe I haven’t been here long enough.

  24. 40 mandatoryfield 04/07 at 10:17 pm

    What sucks most about Portland are the morons who actually believe this: Occupy portland was about “the financial devastation of the middle class by policies from the era of Reagan to today”

    Must be why they spent months occupying government buildings and the pearl district instead of causing the middle class and poor taxpayers to have pay for damage to a public park. Oh wait…

  25. 41 Carl 02/17 at 9:50 pm

    I hate Portland and everything about it. From the constant protests by the people who have no clue what they’re protesting (i.e. Occupy Portland) to the effing elitists who think everything is better cause it’s in Portland. The city is an out of control turd hole with an incompetent mayor and idiots for citizens.

    • 42 ThinkClearlyAtLeastOnce 02/26 at 10:15 pm

      Yes, all of Oregon sucks.

    • 43 Forte101 03/20 at 5:35 pm

      How can you not understand what Occupy Portland is protesting?

      How about the financial devastation of the middle class by policies from the era of Reagan to today? Was that really so hard?

      Portland has no elitists. Neither does Lake O. Nothing in Oregon qualifies as elite anything. What looks like an elitist is just another native afraid to look another human being in the face lest that human being strike up a conversation.


      Oregon elitism is simply abject fear of being social.

  26. 44 zumpie 12/17 at 5:45 am

    a.grey, I think you and I have a LOT in common!!!! Agree completely about the food (and I used to work in hospitality). Probably the best “eat out” we’ve found is a burrito cart on 50th and Division. Otherwise, meh.

    BTW, about parenting—1) I am one, so I know that you can raise your kids differently and it’ll be okay. 2) While there are certainly plenty of normal parents, everything I posted comes from the Urban Mamas blog (or the observation of my cousins, who embody every element above).

    Good to meet someone who agrees about the “scene”. If you ever DARE to criticize and compare, everyone will whine about what a food snob you are.

  27. 45 zumpie 12/16 at 10:04 am

    Okay, honestly–I think this should be an entire piece of its own….but here goes. What I truly hate most are the uber PC/Wannabe Hippie Parents of Portland and their complete hypocrisy (and conformity)

    I live in SE, so I see all of this tons: firstly, they’ve all persuaded themselves what individuals they are. Even though every freakin’ kid I meet seems to be named Zoe, Jake or Maya. But those are “creative” names. Even though they’ve become the equivalent of today’s Jennifer from the 60’s/70’s.

    Moving past names, I hate how these same parents get all in a dither about “forcing traditional gender conformity” on their kids, so they dress them in “gender neutral” clothing. And endlessly insisting dolls are bad, Disney’s bad, but organized sports (which emphasize such non-hippie, circa 1950’s values as competitiveness and glorification of the jocktocracy) are good.

    Along with sports competitiveness comes this need to push your kid in academics. Hey, I think it’s great for your child to perform well in school—but I also seriously doubt your 5 year old “loves” going to Kumon, year round school or any of the other tiger mom in disguise stuff you’re forcing on them.

    Of course if your kid doesn’t enjoy wearing old clothes (not because of finances, but to appear more “earthy”), eating flavorless organic food, only enjoying gender neutral activities, having their lives micromanaged and generally lacking any actual fun—fear not! You can simply determine your kid has a psychiatric disorder and send them to a shrink for their “negativity”.

    • 46 a.grey 12/16 at 9:06 pm

      oh man… i can’t stand pdx-style “parenting”… i actually had a semi-argument with a mother who tried to validate the vegan diet she was forcing on her infant. ugh… if you wanna be a vegan, fine- just don’t force your pretentious dietary restrictions on your kids (or your pets, for that matter)… kids have entirely different dietary needs, and their parents should be charged with child abuse/endangerment.

      i couldn’t reply to your reply on my other post about the local’s lack of manners, but i wasn’t necessarily implying that they were purposely rude (most people here are, at the very least, passingly nice), but just lacked basic couth, social graces, and common sense. no wonder drivers here are so bad… they barely know how to walk down the street. maybe it’s all the one-way streets that the city of portland loves to impose on drivers ^_^

      and yes, the food here is mediocre at best. food carts, schmood farts… portlanders love to take already existing ideas, blow them all out of proportion and somehow claim them as their own. the worst one i’ve seen is the bbq place on se hawthorne that serves kimchi with a pulled pork bbg sandwich… really? why don’t i just bypass the middleman and stick a finger down my throat; the end result’s the same.

      that said, there are a few spots (even a few food carts… gasp!) here that (almost) rival some of the places i haunted in nyc… small oases in a culinary desert.

      there are quite a few things i love about this town, but i’ll be damned if people here seem to enjoy doing things in the most convoluted and annoying ways… gotta keep it “weird”, i guess… bleh. gimme “normal” any day.

    • 47 a.grey 12/16 at 9:10 pm

      post script… san fran is awful. i spent two weeks there once visiting friends. gorgeous scenery, but you can have the people… they make portlanders look like royalty in comparison.

    • 48 Ryan 12/17 at 2:04 pm

      George Carlin has a bit about that, the meaningless structure wannabe-hippie parents force on their kids. 😛 Its pretty funny

  28. 49 a.grey 12/04 at 12:59 pm

    is it just me, but are basic manners and couth not taught to the locals here? i’ve NEVER been in a city before where people don’t seem to understand the basic concept of walking down a sidewalk. every other place in america seems to understand that you STAY TO THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE SIDEWALK when walking, not too different that the basic rules of the road, right? not here in portland. i’ve noticed it’s usually more prevalent downtown amongst the more *ahem* white-trashy types who hang downtown & look like they rode the max in from Gresham/82nd/Vantucky to panhandle and score dope and meth. i live right across the river in SE and every day i come downtown, i deal with idiots for whom the basic concept of sidewalk rules are too hard to grasp. they look at you funny like you got in their way.

    i swear, pdx has some of the most mannerless people i’ve ever run across… and yes, i’m talking about the natives, the in bred trash from the outer regions. i grew up in the south, and i swear that the white trash up here are more inbred than the breed that exists down south. people like to gloss over the fact that the south and the pacific nw are the two biggest strongholds for the white supremacist movement- remember the skinhead problem back in the 90’s and how bad it was?

    maybe it’s the lack of vitamin d… or that their brains are waterlogged from birth from all the rain… or maybe it’s the piss-poor, under-funded education system… or the heroin and meth… or just plain redneck inbreeding. oregon is the alabama of the west coast.

    btw… i moved here from nyc. try walking down the left side of the sidewalk there. you’ll learn a real quick lesson in basic manners after you’re forcefully shoved to the proper side.

    • 50 zumpie 12/16 at 9:40 am

      Okay, seriously, you’re from NYC and you find Portlanders rude? Hey, I hail from New York, as well–and if you want to diss the food here, I’m with you. Ditto that no one seems able to use anything resembling common sense when bus riding. And yeah, they might walk on the “wrong” side of the street (which is less bad manners and more just not knowing any better, since they probably have only just discovered it IS possible to get somewhere by means other than a car).

      BUT, New Yorkers are FAR ruder than people here. While there are things I hate here and things I love and still miss there, I couldn’t get over how impolite people were the last time I visited. Plus, if you want to see rude on the West Coast, go to San Francisco. Just appalling.

    • 51 Forte101 03/20 at 3:07 pm

      You are absolutely correct. Portlanders, perhaps it is all NorthWesterners, are cold and often outright mean. They are polite only the very surface but are venal just underneath.

      I chalk it up to the subsistence existence of Portland natives and the abject fear it breeds. They have only ever scraped together a meager living from the land and that living has largely gone. Portlanders are deathly afraid of outsiders or of anything new. They may go for something derivative but never anything that is actually new.

      When I meet a new person in Portland I try and find out if they are a native or have lived here a long time. If they have I immediately dismiss them…waste of time. I much prefer to spend all of my social (and business) time with transplants.

      I recommend this process to all other transplants. Do not waste your time even talking to natives as they will never add to your enjoyment of life or your prosperity. It sounds HARSH but Portland is HARSH.

    • 52 Laudie0 05/20 at 2:43 pm

      YOU ARE 100% CORRECT!

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